Just Start!

“Just start.”

That is my mantra as a coach. Whether the challenge is a client’s business or personal life, I can’t help until they start moving.  So most of the early coaching I do boils down to this: “Start”.

The longer you sit and look at a project without taking action, the harder it becomes. When we do nothing, projects grow in our minds until our fear of them is all out of proportion to reality. So that’s what I tell people: just start.

Oh! It’s so much easier to say things than to actually do them!

But today, I start.

I have been “starting” my blog for years. No really. YEARS. I have blog ideas dripping out my ears and onto the pavement behind me. I have life observations on little sticky notes and in notebooks and in documents all over my computer. But I have never made the jump.

And just like my clients, I have lots of good reasons.

I’m busy. I’m tech-challenged. I’m focused on the bottom line. My website isn’t ready….
Sound familiar? Of course it does. I’m sure you could add some excellent reasons of your own if I asked. But in the end: here’s the real reason:

I’m afraid.

I know I don’t look afraid. I have a smiling, happy photo on my website. I put cheery posts on Facebook. I present a strong front to the world. But I’m just like everyone. When I’m faced with something new, my first reaction is fear.

I’m afraid that I’ll post a vulnerable post and someone will troll me. I’m afraid that I’ll think I’ve created something completely original and people will list the 82 books that already teach that. I’m afraid of criticism. I’m afraid of not getting it “just right”.

But most of all, I’m afraid that I’ll pour my heart into this blogging thing and the world will yawn. I’m afraid of silence. Of crickets. Of being ignored.

Because that’s what would hurt the most, isn’t it?

It’s so important to know we’ve been seen and that our voice has been heard. To know, deep down, that we’ve made a difference. That when we leave this world, we will leave a space that was uniquely ours. And that no-one else can fill.

But I cannot make that unique contribution by standing still. Or by staying safe. Every positive action involves risk. It involves exposing myself to ridicule. Or silence.

So I have set myself a challenge.

Starting today, I will blog every day for thirty days. At this point, I have no idea what I will write. Hopefully some posts will be inspirational, hopefully some will be helpful. But if they are not, bear with me, because that’s not the goal.

My goal is that the journey itself will inspire. That watching me throw paint against the wall will encourage you to do that thing that you’ve been putting off. To take a chance on taking action. So, today, I begin.

Today, I Just Start.