One small step toward changing everything!

Things are crazy around here!

Birthdays and graduations and concerts and Barbecues and…Whew!  Spring is almost as bad as Christmas for our family! 

And this year we have added to the insanity by having our house painted.

Not that it didn’t need to be done.  No, it desperately needed to be done, but I was hoping to save up for a couple of years to completely re-do the exterior of the house.  Remove the asbestos siding, wrap the house with insulation, put up all new shingles….


Instead, our house got cited for peeling paint and we ended up with a six-month deadline to fix it. 

In January.  

In case you’ve never had a house painted, you can’t paint in January.

Or February.  Or March.  Or even, in the case of this year, April.

Our hope was to do the painting ourselves.  But as the deadline loomed closer and we began really looking at what it would take, we began to see the magnitude of what we would be attempting.  Besides the craziness of Do-It-Yourselfers attempting to scrape and paint a three story house in three weeks, (The time we had between the end of school and our “must be painted” deadline with the city) there was also the question of how we would even reach the gables of the house.  

Our third floor gables rise fifty feet above the ground and another ten feet above the street.  And because of the slope of our yard, there is no place to even attempt to use a ladder.  

So I went looking for a pro. 

Through a handy man I just happened to meet, I found him. He was booked through October, but just happened to have a week and a half opening at the end of May.  Perfect!

He just happened to have found a sub-contractor two weeks earlier who would be willing to come do the prep and scraping. Awesome! 

And when Paul and I drove by the house whose colors we liked best, the owner just happened to be home. AND he just happened to have the paint brand and color numbers at his fingertips! Hallelujah!

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an awful lot of “just happened to” happening in this story.  

In the past I would not have recognized all the serendipity and synergy that was taking place around me.  I would have skimmed over all of it with no appreciation or gratitude then gone looking for something to worry about, burning needless energy on “What if this?” And “What if that?”.

I would have found some way to shroud this whole thing in negative thoughts.  

But I have worked very hard over the last year and a half to not only accept, but to expect the gifts that the universe gives us.  To joyfully celebrate serendipity instead of anxiously anticipating roadblocks. 

I no longer respond with a “sure, but” when an opportunity appears.  I no longer hold my breath when something great happens.  I no longer assume that there must be a negative balance for every positive that happens in my life.

Slowly, I am learning to accept day-to-day gifts with gratitude and joy.  I am learning to celebrate the small wins and stay focused on where I am growing instead of looking around for things to grouse about.

And that is changing everything.