Instinct, Gut, and Flowing in the Fast Lane!

Today as I drove home on I-29, I drove through what I call “The Convergence”.  It is the place where traffic from five different highways comes together East of Kansas City’s downtown.  Hundreds of vehicles intermingle there, squeezing together before once again being shot out in all directions. 

As I approached, I could see that the middle lane (the one I needed) was going extremely slowly. 


You’ve all had to make that choice:  Do I stay in the lane that is still moving at highway speed, or do I join the flock that is slowing down and patiently waiting for the lane they want?

I admit it.  Normally, I take the “safe” option and queue with the rest of them. Today, though, that just didn’t feel right.  

The line in the middle lane was getting longer and slower. And there’s nothing I hate worse than sitting at the back of a thirty mile-an-hour line on a sixty-mile-an-hour highway. I feel like a sitting duck. But if I chose wrong, and didn’t get back in that middle lane quickly enough, I would end up going WAY out of my way.

I decided to risk it.  

I pulled into the left lane and as I flew by all the cars to my right, I felt that guilt you feel when you are cutting line.  Who was I to get to go so much faster? Why did I think I deserved to jump ahead?  What if there was no opening when I needed it? What made me think I was smarter than everyone else?

Sound familiar?

Anyway. Remember how I said that after “The Convergence” the traffic shoots out in all directions? Well, as I popped over the hill with just moments to get where I needed to be, two big semis pulled out of that middle lane and merged West onto I-70. 


And the highway angels sang as I, and EVERYONE ELSE in that left lane pulled over into the middle and continued on our merry way.

Why do I tell you this?

Because I believe that not enough of us do this in our lives. 

We come up on a tight spot in the road and everyone around us gets nervous and starts slowing down; being “safe”.  And we think, “Well, if everyone else is doing that, who am I to do it differently?”

Here’s who you are:  

You are someone who is willing to take a chance on going the long way around in order to move quickly toward your goals.  You’re willing to do things a little differently than the rest of the crowd in order to keep things flowing.  You are willing to trust your gut and move in a way that is counterintuitive, but that protects your interests and others’ in the long run.

If I had slowed down, I would have just become part of the problem.  By maintaining my speed, I cleared space and kept things moving. Both for me and those around me. 

I trusted my gut. 

I played the odds.

And the odds came out in my favor.  

Do you feel like you’re stuck in that middle lane, creeping along, waiting for the traffic to ease?

Maybe it’s time to start listening to your gut.  Maybe it’s time to start relying on your own instincts.  

Maybe it’s time to boldly move into the fast lane!

If you have a story about listening to your gut or choosing to go your own way against the crowd, click on the comment section below and tell me your story.  I can’t wait to hear it! 

And if you feel like you’ve forgotten how to listen to your gut or rely on your own instincts, then let’s chat.  

The fast lane is calling!