Everything Has A Season

It has been a crazy year. Two weeks from now I will once again be presenting at GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week. If you haven’t been, check it out: http://tiny.cc/GEWKC. It’s free and it’s AMAZING! GO!!).

Last year as GEW concluded, I was so excited at the amazing week we’d all had and then an ailment I had been fighting for several months got way worse.

Suddenly, instead of following up with all the amazing potential clients I had met and filling my calendar with coaching sessions and masterminding appointments, I was filling my calendar with imaging sessions and doctor’s appointments.

Except for existing clients, my business basically shut down.

As I get ready for this year’s GEW I am caught between excitement and frustration. I can’t wait to present again and share everything I’ve learned over the past several years as an entrepreneur. And I am so looking forward to once again meeting amazing people and getting amazing knowledge.

But then (like many of us do) I get sidetracked with beating myself up over circumstances I had no control over.


But as I look out my office window at the beautiful trees changing from green to gold to red I am reminded how blessed I am. And that everything has a season.

Last year was my season to get clear on my health. I took time away to get some answers so that I could move on and get back to business.

So here I am.

Getting back to business.

If you are one of those amazing people I connected with last year or over the last year, please accept my apologies for dropping the ball. Something had to give and it ended up being my business and my social life. But the good news is: I’m not dying. And each day I’m getting better.

And each day I’m remembering that I’m still a badass coach who gets people results, and I’m still an entrepreneur who loves to support other entrepreneurs.

So if you’re in for that, I will be sending you an email every week with a little bit of badass coaching and a lot of support (whether you’re an entrepreneur or not)!

If you are not interested, my feelings will not be hurt. Just unsubscribe down below and we will take you off the list. Either way, I thank you so much for being amazing.

Wishing you Clarity and Confidence,

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