Even the Yucky Stuff is Temporary

Visiting Louisiana last spring, I fell in love all over again with the swamp. The fresh breeze off the water, the sun dappling through the cypress branches. The silence. For two days I made a pilgrimage to the dock and just soaked it in.
Then, on the third day, everything changed. In the space of twenty-four hours it was suddenly bagworm season.

Bagworms! Bagworms dropping on your head as you walked the dock. Bagworms plinking on the tin roof during meditation. Bagworms falling on your back during yoga.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash


The water now was covered with little worms. What had been clear, fresh water now had a scum and you couldn’t see below it. You couldn’t walk the dock without crushing little worm bodies.


How quickly a season passes! Within twenty-twenty-four hours, all was clear again. The scum was gone from the water. The little worm bodies no longer littered the path to the dock.



Not a matter of weeks just a matter of a couple of days!

Photo by Tyler Butler on Unsplash


It’s the same as you build your business. Things will fall on your head. Things will get covered in scum, but if you can just hang on…

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