What is “Clarity Coaching”?


Excellent Question!  And, as in all the other stuff I do, only you know that answer!

Clarity Coaching can be as big-picture as answering “What am I going to do with my Business and my Life?” and as granular as “What color should I paint my kitchen?”  (Yes, I can help you with that!!)

Some folks work with me long-term, others get what they need in one session.  Some folks go at the problem little by little, others jump in and start cleaning house from top to bottom.  It truly is up to you.

I word-vomit everything in my brain. She dissects it, frames it, then pushes me in the right direction.
EVERY TIME.”Derrika Morgan

The answers are in you.

It’s really easy to look outside ourselves with research and books and courses, and those things are often great! But they can also add to the overwhelm.

When you allow too many other voices in, you can sometimes no longer hear your own.

That’s all I do.

I help you hear your own voice again.

When you get clear on what your brain knows is best for you, what your heart longs for, and what your gut has been trying to pull you toward all along, that’s when the brakes release and the momentum begins. (Even if we’re just talking about Saybrook Sage versus Caliente Red.)

If you feel like you are spinning; if you feel like you are in constant overwhelm but don’t know where to start to get out, Clarity Coaching will help.

“I got more done with Jennifer in four sessions than I did in four years of therapy.” Carolyn Harman, DVM Foxwood Animal Clinic

Just Have A Question? Reach Out.