“Life-changing.” Carolyn Harman, DVM, Foxwood Animal Clinic

Why Mastermind?


Are you dealing with Next Steps overload? Do you know where you no longer want to be, but just can’t seem to get a handle on where you want to go next?

It’s overwhelming! So many ideas and aspirations and “what ifs”.

Or perhaps, you have no ideas whatsoever. You just know that it’s time for change.

That’s where Masterminding comes in.  

Change, by definition, is about uncertainty. It’s about stepping beyond the known into that scary space of “I have no clue!”.  And it can be incredibly lonely. Wouldn’t it be great to have a team around you that is going through the same thing? And a coach who’s already gone through it?


That's What The Moving On Mastermind Is About


If you are ready to make massive change in your life and business, this mastermind is for you. In the midst of transition it is easy to become overwhelmed. This mastermind class will get you focused, help you gain clarity, and provide you with loads of support!

The reason I know how you feel is because I was you.  Three years ago I knew I wanted to do more; to be more, and  that I had so much to offer the world! But getting from “want to” to “how to” is so difficult.

I had so many ideas, so many things that I knew I could do, but I couldn’t seem to start on anything!  I was lucky. In the midst of of that crazy time – with so many ideas and options crowding my mind, I was invited to be a part of a Mastermind group.

HOLY SMOKES!  What a difference.  With guidance from Mastermind coach Liz Scully, and the support of my mastermind compatriots, I not only dug deep into my hopes and dreams, but I clarified my passions, identified what lights me up, and outlined a plan for making all of those things come together into a life I want to live!

And that is why I’m offering this mastermind to you.

"Masterminding with Jennifer gave me a boost of encouragement and ideas during my transition from full-time work to self-employment. It felt good to have Jennifer in my corner.”Suzi Hunn, Teach Your Thing

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