On the day I was ready to send my resignation letter/meeting request, Jennifer also was taking a big step. We set up a Skype call so we could hit send together, at the same moment. It felt good to have Jennifer in my corner as I emerged into my next phase of growth.

Suzi Hunn, Teach Your Thing

"No matter how discouraged I am coming in,
I always leave a session with Jennifer
inspired to take action."

Robyn Love, Love Chiropractic


"What an awesome session! Gave me a framework for processing, reflection, and action.
Thanks, Jennifer!"

Kathi Edwards

You can’t go wrong trusting your
dreams to Jennifer’s

Charles Gupton


“I word-vomit everything in my brain. She dissects it, frames it, then pushes me in the right direction. EVERY TIME.”

Derrika Morgan, Forever Ambassador


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